16 Aug 2013



  1. Hello, Theodora.

    Altough you haven`t caught that marvellous cross on film, i like your photo very much. I bet you are a sports-woman for climbing up there. I bet you were higher than Bob Marley :))

    Anyway,this picture makes me say : Daaaamn ,nature ,you scary!(read it in negro voice, just like in this example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge4oufdIOMc )

    Btw , i always liked to glance at that cros from the trains i took to the seaside every year,but i have never climbed it, although i wanted to... You know what , maybe i will, someday . And send you a similar photo. we will compare our skills in photography then .You will see!!! (mwuhahahha ha ha :)))!!! )

    Speaking of pictures, one more smile i will insert upon your face with this: http://p.twimg.com/AxJv_MJCAAAFWNB.jpg:large
    i remembered it recently and it instantly crackeed me up! Don`t ask the neighbours what they thought,please ;;)

    Who`s your pal ? who is your paaal?

    Happy photo shooting !
    your pal, >ShaDDoWWithiN<

    1. I have caught the cross, but it didn't get selected as the best picture of the day, as the most representative one.
      And I have to admit that we took the telecabin, I wanted to at least descend on foot, but the girls didn't have it in them...
      Next time !
      So... you're from Romania too, then why don't you call me Teodora, I don't really care for the 'h'.