19 Jan 2014

Too sad to say goodbye

It was really hard to give up hope
 that maybe... someday ...
I could get back in control of my time and restart taking pictures every day.
But it's been too long now.
I still have some pictures taken in the last few days that I wanted to post, but right now it hurts too much to look at them. It was a rough period, I had some personal issues and I really don't want to recall them.

I'm in my final year of medical school and it's just so time consuming !!! It would probably just be pictures of books and me studying in the same old library... that's if I had the time to post them.

So I am sorry, but for now at least.... (I still have a tiny hope that I will restart someday)
this blog is closed.

I am so very happy that my one year challenge was successfully completed!
Go out there and challenge yourself !
The reward is delicious !
 Memories and experience! Priceless!