30 Aug 2013

Chocolate cupcakes


  1. i Don`t know why these cupcakes remind me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

    Does this make you the queen of hearts ? If so, do you scare your Cousins with the "Off with his head!" threat? :))

    I bet your boyfriend will be threatened as well if he doesn`t like that cupcake ;)

    BTW, have you ever thought of making a cupcake bussiness? You have my testimonial. They look delicious. Maybe you could sell them in your college campus.

    I`ll tell you what. We`ll split the bill 50% . My share for the idea ,testimonial, aaand i`ll make the adertising-stuff. You know that 50%of the best products are the advertisments. Marketing ,my dear,marketing. ;)

    You know what Napoleon Hill said : "Do whatever makes you happy ,and you wouldn`t work for a day in your whole life."


    1. If you take care of the distribution as well , it's a deal !
      But we split the profit, because I have to substract the price of the ingredients.

    2. i assume you are not going to laugh at a stranger`s joke.A pitty,indeed.

      I`ll think about your terms of agreement, judging the fact that i am not a Cluj-Napoca student,after all. Long trip towards it.

      I`1l leave you with something interesting. Food for thought . http://totb.ro/presa-romana-plina-de-minciuna-cum-au-redat-canalele/

      Happy Holidays