27 Jul 2013



  1. Congratulations for completing your goal, Theodora.
    I knew you could do it. it`s awesome that you continue doing it. I see that your skill has improved over the past year. I suppose that you have done at least 5x366 pictures and selected the very best one to represent that special day. the hardest and must fulfilling battles are with our very selves. It`s impo+rtant to do what you enjoy the most.

    Who am I , as you are probably wondering, is not that important. What is,in fact, important is that you made me very proud.I was going to ask for an autograph but i know that photographers only take pictures, not write stuff :))

    I wish you the very best and ,if possible, HAPPY 10th++ year birthday to your challenge!


    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation. I'm happy to know somebody is seeing my silly pictures. Thanx a lot for telling me *blush*. It will keep me motivated.